‘Sumi Lodge’ Yoon Da-hoon “Achieved 16 times as a water purifier sales champion”…Released a lot of sales know-how

[Reporter Jeong-eun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

In ‘Sumi Lodge’, Yoon Da-hoon tells the secret of winning the 16th water purifier sales champion and the process of becoming a CF King.

Yoon Da-hoon, a new guest of the healing hand-tasting entertainment ‘Sumi Lodge,’ co-produced by skyTV’s comprehensive entertainment channel SKY and KBS, has risen as a ‘CF King’ after 17 years of unknown life.

In the ‘Sumi Lodge’ aired on the 15th, Yoon Da-hoon, who visited the lodge with ‘eternal brother’ Kim Min-jong, boasted 30 years of chemistry and looked back at the long unknown life in the early days of his debut. He said, “I have to target ‘rich district’,” and said, “Wear a neat suit and give a good impression.”

Afterwards, Yoon Da-hoon said, “When people in the family ask me, ‘What are you doing?’ It is important. Then, customers will introduce me to other people.”

With this know-how, he became the king of water purifier sales 16 times. It was ‘Cheat Key’. In fact, my father is well at home, but…”

Afterwards, Yoon Da-hoon met ‘Life works’ and escaped from an unknown life, and he was recognized as ‘CF King’ by filming about 40 advertisements a year. However, there was a strange story in the process, which made the hutkeepers nervous.

‘Sales King’ Yoon Da-hoon’s dramatic life history and ‘Sales 1 Strike Lecture’ will be unveiled at 10:40 pm on the 15th at 10:40 pm at SKY and KBS2’s healing hand-tasting entertainment ‘Sumi Lodge.


Photo courtesy of SKY, KBS Sumy Lodge
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