A photographer who reportedly illegally took photos of Espa memeber, Winter, accused online trolls

Espa Winter. Photo l Star Today DB

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

A photographer falsely accused of illegally filming the group’s Espa member Winter will file a lawsuit against the haters.

Photographer A said on his Instagram on the 14th, “I’m suing you. I’d like to ask for a capture,” he said, revealing his e-mail address.

Earlier, A was suspected of illegally filming Winter at the photo shoot site.
Recently, a video of Espa members taking a photo shoot was released on the online community, and some fans claimed that the behavior of the male staff behind Karina and Winter, who are talking during recess, was strange.

In the video, the male staff walked past the members of Espa who were interviewing and looked as if they were checking something in front of them in the process.

Some fans who saw this raised suspicions, “Isn’t this man illegally filming Winter?”

As the controversy grew, SM Entertainment, the agency of Espa, said on the 14th, “The person who appeared in the video was a photographer in charge of the photo shoot, and confirmed that he did not do anything misunderstanding.” Thank you for your concern, and I hope you don’t misunderstand anymore.

Nevertheless, it seems that some fans who misunderstood that A had illegally filmed the scene continued to protest, including malicious comments on personal SNS, and finally decided to sue.


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