Hani’s new film ‘Young Adult Matters’, released today (15th) [MK Movie]

[Reporter Han Hyeon-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

“We have to live too.”

‘Park Hwa-young’ Director Lee Hwan’s new work and EXID Hani’s screen debut, ‘Young Adult Matters, was released today (15th).

One day, 18-year-old Se-jin suddenly became a pregnant woman. Without an adult to help her, she wanders the streets, exhausted mentally and physically. Then, she meets Joo-young, who is the same age as the 4th year runaway, and becomes her best friend. Then, at the moment of crisis, they meet blue-haired ‘Jae-pil’ and ‘Shin-ji’ to form a group, and Se-jin’s tough miscarriage project begins.

The next work of director Lee Hwan, the topical work “Park Hwa-young,” which drew controversy and favorable reviews while depicting the realistic survival period of teenagers in 2018, is an unconventional subject of the legacy project of Se-jin, a teenage pregnant woman who has been neglected by the world and adults. It shows the raw direction. A teenage pregnant woman depicts a dire survival process in order to somehow survive in her own way.

Throughout her 127-minute running time, Hani swears, runs, gets hurt, and cries. He completely eliminated the image of perfect girl as well as the gorgeous girl group, and succeeded in transforming it into a rough, unrefined face. You can meet them through ‘Young Adult Matters’.

Released today (15th). Youth is not allowed.


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