Harvard Univ’s newspaper praised IU’s “Lilac”

Singer IU’s fifth full-length album “LILAC” is a hot topic as the prestigious Harvard University school newspaper praised it highly.

Harvard University’s campus newspaper “The Harvard Crimson” published a review article on IU’s fifth full-length album “Lilac.” The Harvard Crimson introduced the album, saying, “IU, a singer and songwriter, and actress called ‘National Sister’ in South Korea, has released an outstanding album containing various genres, styles and stories to mark the end of her 20s.”

The Harvard Crimson commented on “Lilac,” “It’s worth waiting for four years because it tells the true breadth of IU’s musical ability.” Regarding his work with many composers, including Yuqi, Sumin, and Lee Chan-hyuk, The Harvard Crimson commented, “It is weightless, playful, stylish, and diverse, but it is faithful to IU’s typical sound.”

Regarding the title song “Lilac,” the newspaper said, “It’s inspired by disco and city pop. City pop can often sound monotonous, but IU’s melodic vocals have added energy and positive energy to the song.” Introducing the lyrics of ‘Lilac’. Her song wishes listeners a pleasant memory and goodbyes for those in their 20s who shine through pleasant and refreshing sounds.”

Another title song, “Coin,” sheds light on IU’s newly challenged rap and positive messages about her 30s in lyrics, while “My Sea” praised IU’s vocal skills by vocally depicting the emotional journey of finding herself in chaos like an endless sea.

Regarding Celebrity, the newspaper pointed out that break dancing is awkward and it is disturbing IU’s music world, but regarding Apu, who worked with Lee Chan-hyuk, “It combines addictive melodies with dainty rhythms to show fresh attempts that IU did not show.”

In addition, the media praised IU’s song lyrics of “Epilogue” written by IU herself as “the best of this album,” and said, “IU sings that she wants to impress the life of a precious person in a very trivial way.”

The Harvard Crimson also praised IU’s past journey, saying, “IU, who has been active for 13 years, continues to write new definitions of what K-pop singers, composers and producers are, surprising fans.”

The Harvard Crimson is a Harvard university campus newspaper founded in 1873. Former U.S. presidents such as Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy served as journalists here when they were college students.

Even before IU, The Harvard Crimson has shown high interest in K-pop albums, including reviews of BTS (BTS)’s fourth full-length album “Map of the Soul: 7” and Blackpink member Rosé’s latest single album “R.”

Meanwhile, IU’s fifth full-length album, “Lilac,” is a colorful look at the end of her 20s and the days that have passed. Immediately after the release of the album, IU proved her potential by topping the music charts, lining up all songs, and ranking first in 11 countries on iTunes album charts.

IU, who has successfully completed her fifth full-length album, will begin filming the film “Broker,” directed by Hirokazu Koreeda.


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