Jo Yeo-jung reveals unprecedented short cut…”High Class Visual”

[Intern reporter Lee Ji-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Actress Jo Yeo-jung transformed into a short cut.

On the 14th, Jo Yeo-jung posted on her Instagram on the 14th. #tvN Drama #High Class” has posted an article and a photo.

In the released photo, Jo Yeo-jeong emphasized elegance by wearing a calm gray blouse and khaki pants. The sophistication is overflowing with her chin supporting her hand and staring somewhere. Jo Yeo-jung’s small face and cool features stand out even more in a short cut that is difficult to digest.

The reaction of best celebrities to this appearance is hot. Ok Joo-hyun said, “Oh, is it okay to open it now? Shortcut~? I post it in my own really pretty short cut photo story~”, and actor Hajun admired, “You’re really seriously pretty…”. Lee Si-eon admired Jo Yeo-jung’s beauty with comments such as “Hair Style”.

Meanwhile, Jo Yeo-jung will return to the home theater with the tvN drama ‘High Class’ scheduled to be broadcast in the second half of the year. ‘High Class’ is a dangerous and secret mystery suspense drama of lies and hypocrisy behind the perfect lives of the top 0.1% women in Korea.

Photo|Jo Yeo Jung SNS
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