Singer Lee Jin-ah will debut as a music director with the movie ‘Children are fun’

Jin-ah Lee. Provided|Antenna

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer-songwriter Lee Jin-ah throws her first appearance as a music director for a movie.

Lee Jin-ah will debut as a movie music director with the webtoon original movie ‘Children are Fun’, which will be released in May.

It is a film based on the webtoon ‘Children are fun’ by the author Heo5Pa6, who is considered as a ‘life toon’ by many people who say that the movie ‘Children are fun’ and has a record rating of 9.95. ‘This is a film from an omniscient children’s perspective that contains the last greetings and a trip that adults secretly leave with friends knowing that the breakup with their mother is close.

Lee Jin-ah participated as a music director against the original webtoon of ‘Children Are Fun’ as well as the story adapted into a new film, and unfortunately showed the skills and possibilities of a singer-songwriter loved by the public with his unique colors to bring sophistication to the film.

‘Let’s Play’, which was also pre-released as a music video, was written and composed by Jin-ah Lee, and her unique voice and sweet melody make her feel good, and it is counted as a song that well describes the children’s innocent day in the movie.

In addition, the lyrics that form a consensus, “Even after an hour or two, there are many things I want to play with” encourages children and adults alike to play and expects the spring-like fun that the movie will provide.

Lee Jin-ah completed the perfect OST by creating a variety of songs so that the high-purity fun of the movie, the sensibility of those days that anyone can relate to, and the hot emotion and comfort of the ending bring closer to the audience.

Meanwhile, ‘Children are fun’ is about to be released on May 5th.

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