Yoon Ji-Sung “I recommend you to listen ‘Love Song’ when you miss someone.”

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer Yoon Ji-sung revealed the points of listening to the new song ‘Love Song’.

Yoon Ji-sung opened an online showcase to celebrate the release of her second mini-album ‘Temperature of Love’ through the YouTube channel at 2 pm on the 15th and released the new song.

On this day, Ji-Sung Yoon introduced the title song ‘Love Song’ as “It’s so cute, it’s a song with a chorus sticking in your ears when you listen to it once.” He said, “I listened to the song all the time and the melody stuck in my ears. It was addictive and I thought it would go well in spring, so I decided to make this song the title song.”

When asked about the points of listening to the new song, Ji-Sung Yoon said, “I keep saying ‘I miss you’ in the song. So I hope you listen to it when you miss someone. I have a small heart that I want to see with you.”

“My special album or solo debut song was a ballad. But this time, isn’t it a dance song. I tried to sing it by taking advantage of the rhythmic part.”

Meanwhile, Yoon Ji-sung’s title song ‘Love Song’ is a song that everyone can relate to in the midst of frequent quarrels, misunderstandings, and brief breakups with loved ones. Released at 6 p.m. that day.


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