’20 billion donation’ Kim Jang-Hoon’s recent status “From panic disorder and vocal cord nodules to high school… Even if the monthly rent is pushed”

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer Kim Jang-hoon, who drew attention with his donation of 20 billion won, confessed his high school of living.

Kim Jang-hoon appeared on MBN’s current affairs and culture program “The Special World”, which aired on the 15th, introducing his studio and sharing his updates.

Recently, he is singing at a traditional market in Gwangmyeong, Gyeonggi Province, in a broadcasting room in a market with no sound facilities or stages.

Kim Jang-hoon, who released 10 full-length albums and had more than 100 billion won in profits from a number of hit songs and performances, has had a break in half of his own for as long as seven years.

“I felt that I had a problem with my singing life due to the panic disorder that had plagued me for a long time, and the third vocal cord nodule in 2014, and I had to stop my activities altogether,” he said.

“It’s a walking pharmacy,” he said after suffering from panic disorder and vocal cord nodules. “I find a medicine that fits my body among the drugs I took for decades and then I carry about 100 kinds with me.”

There is also a panic disorder of fear that the building will collapse if it is high. “n the past, when I entered a tunnel, my heart beat fast from the time I entered it. Now, when my heart starts beating a little faster, I think ‘I have medicine, right?’ and I hold the medicine in my hand.”

“I was talking, but I couldn’t speak, and in the meantime, I had economic worries. I had to make money by singing, but I didn’t make any money, and I had my family, so I had to do something about this. I didn’t dare to start over,” he said.

Kim Jang-hoon introduced his studio in Gangnam on the same day and said, “It’s a place where everything can be done.” “I sometimes make money by giving lectures and non-face-to-face performances, but there are times when I’m behind on my monthly rent,” he said. “I’m two months behind. I was worried about money for the first time since I was born a few years ago.

Referring to the controversy over abusive language in the past, Kim said, “I think I’ve changed a lot. I also thought a lot about reflection. Nevertheless, thank you for remembering me as a person who does a lot of good things.
I think I should be a model person.

Kim Jang-hoon is a representative donation angel in the entertainment industry, and it was surprising that he has donated more than 20 billion won. “I did 3-400 events a year during my heyday, and I did about 4 to 50 commercials,” he said. “I donated profits because I received advertisements in the image of donation angels.”

Kim Jang-hoon, who is singing around the traditional market of the Korona era, heralded another start by taking part in the “Hwaryeo Gangsan Project” to promote Korean tourist attractions.

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