‘Bossam: Steal the Fate’ reveals 4th teaser…Jung Il-woo x Kwon Yu-ri’s changed fate

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“Bossam: Steal the Fate” (playwright Kim Ji-soo, director Kwon Seok-jang, hereinafter “Bossam”), a special plan for the 10th anniversary of MBN, released the fourth teaser video that catches the eye with overwhelming immersion. While Bau (Jung Il-woo), Soo-kyung (Kwon Yuri), and Dae-yeop (Shin Hyun-soo), who faced the fate of being reversed due to “Bossam,” stimulated curiosity about what story to write, we pointed out some questions in the video.

#1. The ones who get paid to make bossam?!

The Joseon Dynasty custom “Bossam” was a kind of planned transaction that was used as a way to achieve love beyond age and status in an era when there were many Confucian restrictions. Bau is a “living type” bossam who receives money for bossam under the agreement between the parties who have to hide their attention for marriage.

However, Paul mistook the target and bossed the Ongju Water Police.

#2. Destiny Turned Into Bossam

Bow tried to put the goggles back in place, saying, “We did it, so we should take responsibility.” At that time, however, a hydroponics funeral was being held to hide the fact that the daughter-in-law of the four great-grandfathers had been killed. He took a false funeral, saying that he took his life after the West. This is the moment when the fate of the water police turned upside down at one moment due to “bossam.”

#3. Trackers chasing the water police.

The people of Lee Yi-chum’s house, who held a funeral for the water police, must know better than anyone else that she could be alive. This is why they have to find the missing water police. However, the video showed that the pursuers chasing the water police had different purposes.

Lee Yi-cheom opposed his son, Dae-seop, who said he would visit the water police and live in a place where no one knows. Lee Yi-chum, who wants to make false burial true, and the conflict between Lee Yi-chum, who wants to protect the water police from his father, are also expected to be the main points of the fateful story. However, at the end of the video, Su-kyung was seen firmly saying to Daep, “I have no intention of going with you.” Bows, hydroponics, and three love triangle romances are also drawing keen attention.

MBN “Bossam,” a romance historical drama in which a livelihood bossam accidentally wraps a host with the backdrop of the Joseon Dynasty under the reign of Gwanghae-gun, will premiere at 9:40 p.m. on May 1. At the same time the main broadcast begins, Korea’s representative online video service Wavve will exclusively disclose OTT.


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