‘Hal Myung-soo’ Park Myung-soo, Yang Ting and the house of dreams realized through an architectural game

[Reporter Jeong-eun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

Park Myung-soo realized the house of dreams with Yang Ting and viewers through an architectural game.

At JTBC’s ‘Hal Myung-soo’, which will be released on the 16th, Park Myung-soo, a game beginner, learns an online building game from 1.7 million game YouTuber Yang Ting. Yang Ting, who appeared as Park Myung-soo’s three major game tutoring teacher, is a first-generation creator who began broadcasting on the Internet in 2007, and received the gold button for the first time in Korea. After hearing Yang Ting’s name, Park Myung-soo asked, “Is it Yang-Ting because it’s a Yang-Tie?” In this, Yang Ting introduced, “Last name is Yang, and his name is just Ting.”

Prior to the game, Park Myung-Soo and Yang Ting had time for viewers to see the architecture created in the game. The two did not stop admiring the seven-star hotel and the architecture reminiscent of oriental fantasy. In particular, seeing the architecture that reproduced Hogwarts Castle in the movie ‘Harry Potter’, Park Myung-soo as well as Yang Ting praised it as “a place in a real movie” and “a quality that is hard to see”. Park Myung-soo, who saw Hogwarts’ restaurant, admired that it was cool, but expressed his gag instinct, saying, “How much is this for one meal?”

Next, Park Myung-soo and Yang Ting made the house of Park Myung-soo’s dream together with viewers. Park Myung-soo asked viewers to build a 55-story high-rise twin tower with an infinity pool. Even Park Myung-soo showed the blueprint he drew to viewers and asked him to make a house like a penthouse. While Park Myung-soo and Yang Ding made a parking lot management booth, viewers surprised Park by creating officetels and hotels.

Park Myung-soo’s dream house created with viewers can be found on the JTBC ‘Hal Myung-soo’ YouTube channel at 5:30 pm on the 16th.


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