ITZY Yeji surpasses 10 million views of solo performance video

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Group ITZY Yeji’s ‘STUDIO CHOOM’ solo performance video exceeded 10 million views.

‘Artist Of The Month’ opened by Mnet Digital Studio M2 on the 19th of last month through the channel of ‘STUDIO CHOOM’ Beyond. This proves the high interest of global fans for ITZY as the No. 1 record among all contents of ‘Artist of the Month’.

Yeji performed the hill dance for the first time after her debut to the song ‘River’ by Bishop Briggs, and stimulated repetition with delicate facial expressions and unique dance lines. She showed off her qualities as a ‘K-pop representative performer’ by fully digesting the performance composition that makes you feel thrilled just by looking at it.

ITZY is solidifying its position as the ‘K-Pop Front Group’ by maintaining the leading record in the number of views even with the group’s performance video. The performance video of the 2nd mini album title song ‘WANNABE’ (Wannabe), unveiled at ‘STUDIO CHOOM’ in March 2020, exceeded 36.6 million views as of 10 am on the 16th, and all ‘BE ORIGINAL’ (non-original) in the channel ) Ranked the top among the videos. The ‘Not Shy’ performance video, which was released last August, also recorded 31.19 million, boasting intense popularity.

Meanwhile, ‘4th generation representative girl group’ ITZY will release a new album ‘GUESS WHO’ (Guess Who) at the same time around the world on the 30th of this month at 1 p.m. New title song ‘M.P.A. In the morning’ (Mafia in the Morning) was written, composed, and arranged by JYP Entertainment’s representative producer Park Jin-young. In addition to the tree Weiss, Bulletproof Boy Scouts, working with the IU, including K-pop celebrity artist KASS, Danke, followed earattack, understanding Sol, etc. completed the mature album to join jakgajin of domestic and international.

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