Jang Hee-jin ‘The Perfect Other’ Casting… First play stage challenge

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

Jang Hee-jin meets the audience through the stage of the play ‘Perfetti Sconosciuti’.

The play ‘The Perfect Other’ starring Jang Hee-jin is based on the Italian film ‘Perfetti Sconosciuti’ (2016), directed by Paolo Genovese.

In Korea, it was remade as the 2018 movie ‘Perfetti Sconosciuti’, surpassing 5 million viewers, and it has been loved by domestic audiences.

In the play, Jang Hee-jin plays the role of a psychiatrist and wife, Eva, who has a conflict with his daughter, Sophia. In the public poster, Jang Hee-jin draws attention with a stylish yet charming smile.

This role is double-casting, and Jang Hee-jin will digest half of the performance. Yang Kyung-won and Park Eun-seok were cast as the husband ‘Roco’ who will be in harmony with Jang Hee-jin.

This stage is expected to capture the attention of the audience with a different transformation from the appearance she has shown so far as her first theatrical challenge.

On the other hand, the play ‘Perfetti Sconosciuti’ starring Jang Hee-jin is set for its first performance on May 18th.


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