Japanese actor Ryotaro Shimizu is arrested for assaulting his wife

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

The third son of the famous Japanese comedian Akira Shimizu, actor Ryotaro Shimizu, a 32-year-old actor, was arrested for domestic violence.

On the 16th, Japanese media such as Sponichi Annex and Fuji TV reported that “Ryotaro Shimizu was arrested by the police on the 15th.”

According to reports, Ryotaro Shimizu is accused of injuring his wife by grabbing his head and hitting the table while arguing with his wife at 6:45 pm on the 9th. On the 12th, my wife reported to the police, and as a result of the investigation, Shimizu Ryotaro admitted that “while arguing, he grabbed his wife’s hair and knocked her down.”

Shimizu Ryotaro’s father, Shimizu Akira, sent an apology by fax to the media on the 15th, saying, “I am very sorry as a father.” At the same time, he called for reflection, saying, “It caused damage to Ryotaro’s wife and family,” and “I hope that Ryotaro pays the price with all his heart.”

Ryotaro Shimizu, who was active as an actor, was arrested in 2017 on charges of taking stimulants and was sentenced to probation. Shimizu Ryotaro’s elder brother and former management company president Tomohito Shimizu said in an interview, “(After the stimulus incident) I left the entertainment industry and worked in the transportation industry. Even after the incident, my wife remained with me and helped rehabilitate.”


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