Jeon Yeo-bin, behind-the-scenes… ‘Elegant beauty’ of flawless beauty

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

The behind-the-scenes cut of actress Jeon Yeo-bin’s unique atmosphere was revealed.

The agency JWIDE COMPANY is attracting attention by releasing a behind-the-scenes cut of Jeon Yeo-bin’s content filming site, who showed an active role in the movie ‘Night in Paradise’ released on Netflix on the 9th.

In the released photos, Jeon Yeo-bin catches the eye with her flawless beauty and unique atmosphere. In addition to the fascinating and elegant charm that makes the image while waiting for the shoot into a pictorial cut, it boasts a sophisticated mood as soon as the shooting begins, and draws attention with a deep look and aura.

Jeon Yeo-bin, who holds a cookie with her name and the character ‘Jae-yeon’ in the play of the movie ‘Night in Paradise’, takes a cute smile and leaves a certification shot, adding to the lovelyness and multiplying her various charms. .

The movie ‘Night of Paradise’ is a Netflix movie about a man who is the target of the organization and a woman standing at the end of life, and Jeon Yeo-bin plays an active role in the role of ‘Jae-yeon’.

Photo|J Wide Company

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