‘Law School’ Kim Myung-min testified…Kim Beom became a leading suspect

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

In “Law School”, Kim Myung-min turning the board upside down with a shot of remorse, and Kim Beom emerged as a new leading suspect this time, continuing his shuddering development.

In JTBC’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “Law school” (playwright Seo In, director Kim Seok-yoon), which aired on the 15th, all evidence of the murder of Professor Seo Byung-joo (guide award) pointed to Yang Jong-hoon (Kim Myung-min), a criminal law professor. His fingerprints were found in coffee cups and methamphetamine bags on site, and his hair was found in Seo’s hands. The sneakers that left traces and the laptop that could be a clue disappeared without a mouse or bird knowing.

A day before the incident, he got a one-way ticket to Boston.

Such suspicious circumstances were overflowing, but the reason why conviction cannot be determined is that there was no clear motive for murder. The police tried to draw a confession with a bad relationship linked to the “free land bribery case,” but it was not easy to dig into Yang Jong-hoon’s loophole, who knew the law well. However, a video clip of the ‘Jurae-dong hit-and-run incident’ was found on his cell phone. It was the moment when the shocking fact that the hit-and-run criminal was Seo Byung-joo was revealed.

The “Jurae-dong hit-and-run incident” was an incident in which a boy who witnessed the rare felon Lee Man-ho (Cho Jae-ryong) committed a terrible sexual assault and was hit and killed by a hit-and-run vehicle. Yang Jong-hoon and Seo Byung-joo, who were prosecutors in charge, questioned Lee Man-ho, but he consistently said, “I don’t remember because I was drunk.” However, Seo Byung-joo changed his attitude overnight and closed the case, and did not appeal. Lee Man-ho, who had remembered his car number, offered a sentence deal and asked him that he was the culprit.

The police confronted Yang Jong-hoon and Lee Man-ho in the interrogation room. Lee Man-ho said, “How shocked would it have been when you found out that Attorney Seo was the only one who committed the case against the U.S. prosecutor Yang? “I think I would have wanted to kill him because I felt betrayed,” he said, hinting at his motive for the murder, but Yang did not budge. Since then, he has exercised his right to remain silent in court, saying he will prove his innocence, and he has troubled people around him with his hard-to-understand behavior, such as grading the midterm exam papers of students delivered through public defender Park Geun-tae (Lee Chun-hee).

Yang Jong-hoon only spoke when he went to the on-site verification. All the methamphetamine was thrown into the sink, and the hypoglycemic shock fed the sugary coffee to save Seo Byung-joo. In fact, it was Seo Byung-joo himself who sent Yang Jong-hoon a video containing the truth of the “Jurae-dong hit-and-run incident.” He was so distressed that he had to rely on methamphetamine that he did not even appeal to the drunkenness of the shameless rapist Lee Man-ho, who covered up the hit-and-run case. He said he wanted to ask Yang Jong-hoon for forgiveness with his belated confession, but Yang Jong-hoon refused to make a confession to the police.

The plate was turned upside down, and Seo Byung-joo’s eyeglass nose support, which fell on the stairs in front of the scene of the incident, was immediately found. It was suspected evidence that he would have fallen on the stairs on the day of the incident. Suddenly, Yang Jong-hoon approached Han Joon-hwi (Kim Bum), who attended the on-site verification as a witness, saying, “It was you?” It was the moment when Han Joon-hwi, who faced each other tightly with intense eyes without being disturbed, emerged as a new suspect.

In the broadcast on the same day, it was revealed that the prosecutor and uncle whom Han Joon-hwi respected was Seo Byung-joo.

The reason why he gave up even after passing the second round was because of his great disappointment and shock at his uncle, who was entangled in the “free land bribery case.” At the time of admission, he expressed his ambition to become a prosecutor who defended the principle, saying, “The expedient of those who know the law is more dangerous than the illegality of those who are ignorant of the law.” “I’m here not to be a lawyer like my uncle, but I can’t learn from him,” he said, desperately trying to stop him.

Han Joon-hwi’s story, which could be a “motivation for crime” in the unprecedented murder of a law school, took off the veil, and at the same time, he became a leading suspect who may have killed his uncle. Then, why did Yang Jong-hoon suspect him? From Yang Jong-hoon, Lee Man-ho, to Han Joon-hwi, “Law School” will air every Wednesday and Thursday at 9 p.m. on JTBC, where the next episode is more awaited due to the mystery of the campus.


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