‘Miss Montecristo’ Lee Hye-ran discovered the identity of Lee So-yeon

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[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Actor Lee So-yeon touched the small screen with her warm friendship with Lee Hye-ran while continuing her revenge in “Miss Montechristo.”

In the 44th episode of KBS2’s “Miss Montechristo,” which aired on the 15th, a story about Cha Bo-mi (played by Lee Hye-ran) starting with a dress that Ko Eun-jo (played by Lee So-yeon) wore on the day of her death, slowly became suspicious of Ko Eun-jo’s death. Meanwhile, Yi So-yeon began manipulating Ju Se-rin under the name of ‘Dongdaemun Goddess’ by telling Joo Se-rin (Lee Da-hae) to stop being Ohara (Choi Yeo-jin)’s maid of honor and design. As a result, the conflict between Ju Se-rin and Ohara deepened, and Cha Bo-mi, who checked Ko Eun-jo’s oil products, found out that Hwang Ga-heun (Lee So-yeon) was Ko Eun-jo.

At the end of the drama, Hwang Ga-heun, who sensed that Cha Bo-mi, who was approaching the truth, was in danger, ran outside to meet Cha Bo-mi, and jumped into the road to protect Cha Bo-mi from the car rushing toward her. When Cha Bo-mi realized that Hwang Ga-heun was Ko Eun-jo, Oh Yeol and Hwang Ga-heun shed tears silently over Cha Bo-mi’s unwavering friendship and trust toward her, ending the 44th episode.

The warm and sticky friendship of the two friends stood out more in the play, which was followed by the atrocities of the characters who did not refuse to do anything shameless for their twisted desires, and made the small screen emotional.

In addition, viewers are curious about how revenge will continue in the future, as the revenge play, which continues to unfold and gives thrilling catharsis, is entering a new phase.

Lee So-yeon drew attention by drawing attention with a thrilling revenge that caused tension with a fierce heart-wrenching look and coolness, and through this episode, she drew attention by portraying in detail the double aspect of a warm woman and a sharp incarnation in front of a friendship.

The chemistry between the characters who are intertwined with the delicate emotional acting like “Believing Trust” adds fun and immersion to the play, raising expectations.

Expectations are high for Lee So-yeon’s future activities as she continues her secret revenge and what other pleasures and fun she will give.

“Miss Montechristo” airs every Monday through Friday at 7:50 p.m.



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