On the 17th, Yeo-eun releases the sound source of ‘I should have to…’

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Skilled vocalist Yeo-eun returns with a ballad filled with sadness.

Yeo-eun, who has consistently developed music activities such as numerous live performances, musicals, and drama OSTs after the girl group’s Melody Day activities, begins her comeback activity on the 17th by releasing the sound source of the new song ‘I should have to…’.

The new song conveys a sad sentiment by reciting the regrets and emptiness that come after a breakup as if writing a letter to a separated lover.

‘How are you / I’m still not good / I’m not good at eating and sleeping wrong’ After taking off the luck of the musical sensibility, I said, ‘I should have to… / I’ll love you more’ / Why did I just argue and complain then?’ It leads to emotion as if it reaches the chorus and bursts with feelings of regret.

As you go to the second half of the song, the appealing singing technique based on the explosive vocal power is impressed, and the charm of Yeo-eun, who is growing up as a solo singer, shines brightly.

From the lyrics and composition to the arrangement, Hyun-woo Shin and Shim Hyun-seok collaborated to complete the work through customized work that recalls Yeo-eun’s vocal tone and image. The concise piano performance and the part where the appealing power is concentrated are performed as a ballad that adds musical depth.

Production officials expressed their expectation that “Yeo-eun’s deep sensibility and appealing voice will be made into an elegant ballad and will be loved by many music fans.”

Yeo-eun, the leader of Melody Day and a former main vocalist, appeared on MBC ‘The King of Mask Singers’ and became the 9th largest singer and started a new activity in 2021 with a new song. Yeo-eun’s new song ‘I should have to…’ will be released on the domestic music site at 6 pm on the 17th.


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