Son Na-eun looks pretty

[Intern reporter Lee Ji-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Group A Pink member Son Na-eun showed off her unrivaled beauty.

On the 16th, Son Na-eun posted a post on her Instagram with a picture, “Fell in love with tasaki”.

In the released photo, Son Na-eun is wearing a navy blue one-shoulder mini dress. Son Na-eun, who gave the point with a large silver earring and necklace, is smiling brightly as she looks at the camera holding a balloon with’Tasaki Naeun♥’ written on it. His appearance full of elegance struck many male hearts.

Netizens who saw this were “Neon Na-eun, a wool that shines more than a jewel”, “Fly on a balloon”, “Better Goddess♥”, “Your hands are pretty!” Etc. praised his beauty.

Meanwhile, Son Na-eun, who is also active as an actor, will appear in the JTBC drama ‘No Longer Human’, which will be broadcast for the first time in the second half of this year. ‘Human Disqualification’ is a drama that tells the story of ordinary people walking toward the light, who suddenly realize that ‘there wasn’t nothing’ in the middle of a downhill road in life.

Photo|Son Naeun SNS
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