‘Spring Camp’ Kang Ho-dong said to Eun Ji-won “Hey, we need to fight”

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

At the “Spring Camp,” where spring outing camping will be drawn, a teaser for each team was released, signaling the prelude to a massive monologue camping.

The TVing Original New Journey to the West Special “Spring Camp” (directed by Na Young-seok and Park Hyun-yong), which will be first released on May 7 (Friday), is an episode of “New Journey to the West” members leaving for spring camping.

Meanwhile, the teaser video released on the 16th (Friday) is interesting because it contains the camping machines of OB and YB teams, which are not flat from the preparation. In particular, Eun Ji-won is selected as the OB team’s leader and Song Min-ho from the YB team is chosen as the leader in line with the concept of “monopoly camping,” which makes people laugh at the camping site.

First of all, OB team’s chemistry between Eun Ji-won, Kang Ho-dong, and Lee Soo-geun is eye-catching. There are conflicting opinions from deciding food menus to assembling tents, and expectations are high for a turbulent camping trip. In the end, Kang Ho-dong is curious about the whole story of applying for a duel (?), saying, “Let’s really fight once.”

The YB team then foreshadows Song Min-ho’s real poison camping. He complained about the growing number of work and the reality that he is trying to build a luxurious camping village by dreaming of becoming a maximalist in the camping world, but is not keeping up with the growing number of work and his heart, and eventually demanded an increase in appearance fees. Attention is focusing on whether these two teams will be allowed to camp in spring, which is full of healing and romance.

In addition, there will be a variety of camping dishes. I am already looking forward to two teams’ solo camping that will captivate the five senses of those who say that there will be a world of camping dishes that stimulate salivary glands just by looking at ramen, pork belly, grilled eel, and gopchang.

Producer Park Hyun-yong explained, “The camping is done by electing a leader and preparing everything by himself, from tents to food.” Song Min-ho, who was named the first hitter of the YB team, was immersed in the camp two weeks ago, while Eun Ji-won, OB team leader, insisted on being friendly. We ask for your expectations and interest in the camping of interesting people.

The TVing Original New Journey to the West Special “Spring Camp,” which opened the prelude to the great chaos of the OB and YB teams, will be unveiled for the first time on Friday, May 7.



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