Suzy “11 year passed since my debut” [Pictorial]

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

Fashion magazine ‘Harpers Bazaar’ released a pictorial with singer and actress, Suzy.

In the May issue of ‘Harpers Bazaar’, a fashion magazine scheduled to be published on April 20, a fashion pictorial with the concept of ‘Suzy, where the faces of a friendly girl next door and an actor in eight colors coexist’ showed off. It’s a pictorial with Suzy’s unique charm, which looks like she’s dull, and she’s chic and playful, and in some cuts done with no makeup, the freshness of the beginning of her debut can be felt intact. The three types of covers, shot in different backgrounds, also caught the eye. From light denim pants to gorgeous bomber jackets, they perfectly digested a variety of looks and showed off the face of a pictorial craftsman without regret.

In the interview following the end of the filming, Susie said about her feelings for her 11th year of debut, “It still looks like yesterday, but I think this time has already passed. Rather, it seems that I am more concerned about how to spend the time in the future rather than the time that has passed.” I was able to hear the story behind the song ‘Oh, lover’ released recently.

“It was a song I wrote because I was practicing guitar chords by myself about a year ago, and I accidentally came up with a melody. As I played the melody repeatedly, a bright and dreamy color image came to my mind. I wanted to express my feelings of falling in love because my heart was fluttering, and in order to express it as childishly as possible, I added easy and intuitive English lyrics instead of Korean.”

Like the movie ‘Architecture 101’ that still comes to mind when spring comes, she said, “I don’t look for works that I did in the past, but when I look at the images and pictures at that time, it’s very new. There was a feeling that was clear and fresh that I can’t imitate now. I can’t even tell that anymore. It’s a natural look that I could only see in those days, so I’m also precious.”

Sometimes when I was tired and tired, I asked how I was reading myself. “In the past, I tried to pretend to be bright, but now it doesn’t work well, and I just accept it even when a difficult situation arises. This will give you the power to move on again without getting caught up in negative moods. I always think that the important thing is the present. Life is too short to worry about what has already happened or has not yet come.”

In the question of “What kind of mind do you want to lead the time to come?”, “I think everyone has their own rhythm. I want to walk silently without being swept away by the changes in speed around me. Focusing more on what I like, inside of me. Because my life is mine, not anyone else.”

Pictorials and interviews with Suzy can be found in the May issue of ‘Harpers Bazaar’, through the website and Instagram.

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