’33kg weight loss’ Lee Young-hyun 5 years comeback ‘Will you come to me’

Lee Young-hyun. Provided|HO ENT

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer Lee Young-hyun returns with the new song ‘Will you come to me’ after 5 years.

Lee Young-hyun’s new song ‘Will you come to me’, released at 6 pm on the 19th, is a ballad song that contains the eagerness for “tomorrow” and the excitement waiting for it even in the harsh and difficult “Yesterday” and the uneasy “Today” that does not go as planned. Lee Young-hyun wrote and composed the lyrics himself.

Lee Young-hyun’s unique emotional yet dynamic vocals and lyrics that truly convey his autobiographical story in the lyrics conveys an impression to the listeners. In particular, the fact that various interpretations can be made on the subject of the song ‘Desperate’, and the overwhelming melody that seems to achieve what is eventually desired at the end of the desperateness past the climax brings healing to many public.

In particular, it is noteworthy that this album is a self-composed song by Lee Young-hyun, who has produced his hit songs ‘Yeon’, ‘I gave up’, and ‘After giving up’. In addition to his own and Big Mama’s songs, Lee Young-hyun, who has been recognized as a hit song maker by making hit songs such as Spider and Seven, is expected to be able to capture the hearts of the public once again.

Lee Young-hyun said, “I made a comeback after 5 years with ‘Will you come to me’, and I am grateful to the fans for waiting. I hope that all the people with this song will not be defeated by today’s earnestness, but will blossom with courage for tomorrow’s excitement.” Starting with this album, Lee Young-hyun is planning to resume his entertainment industry in earnest.

Lee Young-hyun became a hot topic when it was known that he lost 33kg due to a severe diet.


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