‘Comeback’ NU’EST “I will keep showing you a new look”

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Group NU’EST is making a comeback with their second full-length album, “Romanticize.”

NU’EST will release all the songs of its second full-length album “Romanticize” and the music video of its title song “INSIDE OUT” through various online music sites at 6 p.m. on the 19th.

The title song “INSIDE OUT” is a Chill House genre song that pretends to be fine ahead of the breakup, but realizes his true feelings and runs to his opponent, and expresses a complex movement of emotions that cannot be defined in a word with delicate lyrics.

The second full-length album, “Romanticize,” has a total of 10 tracks, ranging from inseparable love stories from romance themes to the romance each member wants to pursue.

NU’wave is expected to spark the K-pop scene with NU’EST’s deeper sensibility, growth, and outspoken musical challenges.

NU’EST, who returned with their new song “INSIDE OUT” in about a year, directly delivered an answer through their agency Pledis Entertainment.

Q. It’s been about a year since we made our comeback. How do you feel about your comeback?

MINHYUN: It’s been about a year since we made our comeback. I’m excited to meet L.O.V.E with our full album. I’m curious how you’ll listen to it. We’re preparing for various stages and activities, so please look forward to it!

Ren: I’m happy to play music that is satisfying to many people as much as I’ve worked hard on it. I’m excited to show you a new performance. I want to show you soon.

Q. How did you feel when you first heard the title song ‘INSIDE OUT’?

JR: I felt it was a new style song that I’ve never done before. Since there are many colors in it, I thought I could have more fun on the stage.

Aron: I thought it was a song that could show another NU’EST image.

Baekho: I came in from the process of working, so I thought, ‘Finally, the puzzle is being worked out.’ It was a song that I felt confident as it was getting completed.

Q. When do you want to recommend INSIDE OUT?

JR: On my way to work. It will be a romantic moment if you keep repeating your daily life with INSIDE OUT.

Min-hyun: If you listen to it while driving or cleaning, you will find yourself singing along without realizing it.

Q. What is your favorite song from your second studio album ‘Romanticize’ and why?

BAEKHO: The title song ‘INSIDE OUT’ / It’s a song that shows emotional changes in one song. I think the listeners can feel it.

Ren: ” DON’T WANNA GO” / Like the lyrics, I hope my precious people don’t leave my side and it’s a song that touches me a lot.

Q. This album also heralded new attempts. Why do you keep changing and challenging yourself?

Aron: I’m always trying to make a difference because I want to show as many different sides as possible.

Min-hyun: I want to continue to show better performances. As we challenge ourselves, we grow and feel a lot of things.

Len: One of the driving forces in my life is to continue to show me changes. I want to show various sides to fans in the future.

Q. Lastly, say something to your fans.

JR: Thank you so much for your constant support and love. I’ll always try to be an artist that gives me strength.

Aron: Thank you so much for waiting for us. We’ve worked hard on it, so please enjoy it. Thank you.

Baekho: Thank you for waiting for a long time. I filled this album with various emotions. I hope it will be delivered well and I think fans will like it.
Let’s be happier in the future.

MINHYUN: As much as you’ve waited for a long time, we’ll repay you with better music and performances. Please look forward to this promotion.

Len: It’s always been romantic for me to spend time with fans. We will prepare hard for this promotion so that L.O.V.E’s time can be filled with romance. I want to say appreciation to my fans. I love you.


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