Forestella, pre-released digital album of 3rd regular album ‘The Forestella’

[Reporter Jeongeun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

Crossover group Forestellar will return with its first full-length album in two years.

Forrestella will pre-release its third full-length album “The Forestella” at 12 p.m. on the 19th.

Forrestella, who debuted in 2018, presented music of various colors through the release of two full-length albums and performances and broadcasts. Among them, “Forrestella,” the team’s name, is on the front page of the title of their third album.

Foretella has infused the crossover market with its flexibility and changeability in genres such as classical, Korean, pop, and Korean Traditional music. In particular, the idea of not being tied to the mold and the blending, which creates a rich sound enough to be called a harmonious master, is why Forrestella is loved a lot.

The third full-length album, “The Forestella,” contains 10 attractive songs that only Forestella can express. It included four songs, “Nella Fantasia,” “The Reason for Being Together,” “The Word from the Wind,” and “Yeon,” as well as Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and “My Heart Will Go On,” which were pre-released to fans last year due to Corona.

It will also feature new songs such as Queen’s We Are The Champions, the Korean version of Je Suis Malade, the Korean version of KBS2’s “Immortal Songs” and “One Love,” which will give listeners a variety of fun to listen to.

Forestella’s third full-length album, “The Forestella,” will be released Thursday.

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