Jung Kyung-mi decided to lose weight

[Intern reporter Lee Ji-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Comedian Jung Kyung-mi decided to lose weight.

On the 19th, Jung Kyung-mi said on her Instagram, “I feel angry with the result of #Inbody. Lose 0.7kg! Ugh~ It’s really hard to lose weight after giving birth to a second child, so it’s very difficult to lose weight. Now I need to exercise while sweating! can do! -Naver Cafe #Mother’s Diet” was posted.

In the published photo, Jung Kyung-mi’s InBody result is contained. In the InBody results released on the 12th, Jung Kyung-mi, who weighed 63.7 kg, lost 0.7 kg after dieting for a week to 63 kg.

The netizens who saw this, said, “I can do it~ I’m running to get the lowest point before I get older~ We fight together^^”, “I recommend ginger tea”, “Aja!! Cheer up” and so on.

Meanwhile, Jung Kyung-mi married comedian Yoon Hyeong-bin in 2013 and has one son and one daughter. She gave birth to a daughter in December of last year.


Photo|Jung Kyung-mi’s SNS
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