‘Recalled’ recorded on the top of the reservation despite the controversy

Photo|Poster of the movie’Tomorrow’s Memory’.

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

The movie ‘Recalled’ starring actress Seo Ye-ji is running at the top of the reservation rate.

According to the integrated computer network for movie theater admission tickets of the Film Promotion Committee on the 19th, ‘Recalled’ is ranked first with a real-time reservation rate of 41.4% at 11 am. The number of pre-orders for ‘Recalled’ is 19,431.

‘Seobok’, starring actor Park Bo-gum, which was released last week, recorded 11.6% of the reservation rate and climbed to 2nd place. ‘Recalled’ shows a big difference from ‘Seobok’ and keeps the first place.

‘Memory of Tomorrow’, starring Seo Ye-ji and Kim Kang-woo, is a mystery thriller about what happens when Su-jin wakes up from an accident and starts seeing the dangerous future of his neighbors while living in the care of her caring husband Ji-hoon.

Previously, Seo Ye-ji and Kim Jung-hyun were at the center of controversy, being overwhelmed by the rumors of dating and manipulating the past. Suspicion of school abuse and counterfeiting of educational background followed. As a result, Seo Ye-ji’s agency is in a state where Kim Jung-hyun and his past devotees remain constant, but have denied other suspicions. However, the controversy has not subsided as other suspicions, such as suspicion of goads, have been raised.

With ‘Recalled’, which was hit directly by the repeated controversy of the leading actor, ranked first in the reservation rate, attention is paid to whether he will be able to overcome bad news and succeed in a box office.

‘Recalled’ will be released on the 21st.


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