‘Alone Nice’ AKMU Chan-hyuk “The Best song is…’Is it ramen?'”

[Intern reporter Shin Hyo-won, Daily Economy Star Today]

AKMU Chan-hyuk confessed his worries about writing and composing lyrics.

JTBC’s entertainment show “Alone Nice”, which aired on the 19th, revealed the daily lives of brother and sister duo AKMU Chan-hyuk.

After cooking ramen at home, Chan-hyuk started singing on the spot while playing the guitar. I even wrote down my ideas on my laptop right away laptop.

When asked, “Is it ramen?” Chan-hyuk said, “People really love the song. Whenever ramen comes out on the show, the song comes out. It’s a great song for copyright holders. But unfortunately, that kind of song doesn’t come out anymore.”

“At that time, ‘Is it ramen’ because I intuitively ate ramen, ‘Don’t cross your legs’ because you crossed your legs, and ‘Attractive’ because you are attractive.” It was so easy at the time. I just wrote the word that I’m hooked on like a fastball. But now we do a lot of detours,” he said.

“You can only feel the feeling of the song at the beginning of the debut. There are times when it’s sad and pitiful,” he said, missing the emotions of his teenage years.

Meanwhile, “Alone Nice” is a new type of observational entertainment program in which celebrities who have never lived alone challenge independence for the first time in their lives. It airs every Monday at 9 p.m.


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