Brave Girls, the first complete pictorial after debut… ‘Stylish + chic beauty’

[Intern reporter Shin Hyo-won, Daily Economy Star Today]

A pictorial featuring Brave Girls’ sophisticated and chic looks has been released.

On Tuesday, men’s magazine ZQ released its first full-length pictorial of the Brave Girls, which is setting a new record every day for climbing backwards.

The Brave Girls continued to shout “Joyful,” “funny” and “funny” and “funny” even as they spent their days climbing up the “Rollin” charts. Min-young, Yoo-jung, Eun-ji and Yuna wore all-black outfits and transformed into a completely new style, giving off a stylish and chic look.

Min-young said, “I always try my best and I think there will be a moment when you recognize me. I know it’s fierce wherever I go, so I’ll continue to work harder.”

“I’ve been too hard on myself all this time. “It’s because of the fans that I’m practicing loving myself, thinking that I’m a pretty good person,” she said throughout the interview, expressing her gratitude to fans and staff around her.

Eun-ji said, “You can enjoy and perform on stage with only one audience. It’s our job.”

Yuna said about her accommodation life, which has been living together for years, “Separate collection and take it out when you say, ‘Sisters, take it with you when you go out’. I’ll clean up the food waste and if you tell me to take this, I’ll take it again. They’re nice,” she said. “They’re very nice.”

More photos and interviews of Brave Girls are available in the May issue of GQ and its Web site.

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