Gahee shows off Wannabe abs and certified “Weight 50.3kg”

[Intern reporter Lee Ji-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Ga-hee, a former member of the group After School, showed off her abs by revealing her weight.

On the 20th, Ga-hee said on her Instagram, “Everyone, I took a picture of my weight in the early days of After School. I didn’t go on a diet on purpose, I just didn’t want to be heavy, so I had a drink. I’ve been on the scale a few times. Is the scale broken? I did. I didn’t have energy at 51kg before, but now I don’t. Have a light dinner and if you can’t stand it, have a glass of innerglow. Make a healthy body without hurting your body! “See you soon.”

The photo released together contains 50.3 kilograms written on the scale. In another photo, Ga-hee showed off her slender waistline and clear abs, drawing exclamations from netizens.

Meanwhile, Ga-hee married Yang Joon-moo, a non-celebrity businessman, in 2016 and has two sons. She currently lives in Bali, Indonesia.

Photo|Gahee SNS
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