Ha Ri-soo reveals her photos before undergoing sex reassignment surgery… “You’re keeping it”

[Intern reporter Shin Hyo-won, Daily Economy Star Today]

Broadcaster Ha Ri-soo released her photos that her late father kept.

Ha Ri-soo posted a photo on his Instagram account on Tuesday. The released photo shows Ha Ri-soo in her senior year of high school before performing a sex change operation. At this time, the small face and extraordinary proportions stand out.

Along with the picture, Ha Ri-soo said, “The picture that my father took at my last picnic of my senior year of high school. “It was a picture that I didn’t have because of the fire in my house, but I had a lot of thoughts because the picture came out while I was organizing my belongings.”

“It’s already been 49 days since my dad left. Time goes by selfishly, waiting for nothing, caring for nothing, as always. It’s like everyone’s selfish these days, not interested in me. There will be more and more of such a world, right?” she said in a bitter.

Ha Ri-soo also said, “These days, I’ve been living alone with Covid-19, so I think it’s good that I don’t get involved with bad people. But I want to travel and go around the streets without a mask like before. It’s so sad that I can’t even drink on a night like this when I can’t sleep because of all the emotions at once. I ordered soju and spicy snacks with my dogs. I hope that Covid-19 will be over when I wake up.”

Ha Ri-soo, meanwhile, made her debut as a CF model in 2001 after having sex reassignment surgery in 1995 at the age of 20. She said her father died on February 24. She recently appeared on MBN entertainment show ‘Voice Trot’ and has been communicating with fans through YouTube channels.


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