Park Hae-jin mobilized 280,000 people for live shopping broadcast

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Park Hae-jin participated as a surprise guest on Sunkist Live Broadcast, where he is working as a model, heralding a new era of live shopping.

Park Hae-jin appeared on a live shopping broadcast consisting of various products such as Sunkist’s core product Vita Angel and a random jelly set on the 10th, setting a record of 130,000 people waiting to see him even before the start of the live.

In the broadcast, a total of 280,000 people had a pleasant conversation with Park Hae-jin, proving the “Park Hae-jin Power,” which records a jackpot march for each product they serve as a model.

This broadcast, which sold a total of 20,000 sets, is the result of the image of Sunkist, who introduced Jeju citrus products, Korea’s flagship product without additives or sugar, and Park Hae-jin, Korea’s “Trust Treasure.”

In fact, Brian and Moxna, who appeared as MCs, were amazed by Park Hae-jin’s real appearance throughout the broadcast, and the studio turned into a fan meeting scene.

For the first time on a live broadcast, he said, “I couldn’t buy the product because I was looking at Park Hae-jin’s face,” and after the broadcast, there was even a happening where sales increased sharply.

Sunkist director Yoon Se-hee praised Park Hae-jin, saying, “I thought he was a cool-headed actor with a fresh image, but when I joined him this time, it felt like a humorous David statue. I was impressed by the actor who knew how to lead the atmosphere and tried to reduce the inconvenience of the staff.”

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