‘Urban Fisherman 3’ Comeback on May 6th

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee on the Daily Economy Star Today]

“Urban Fisherman 3” is coming back with a hotter fishing match.

Channel A’s entertainment program “Trust Me and Follow Me” (hereinafter referred to as “Urban Fishermen 3”) has confirmed its first broadcast on May 6 (Thursday). It also opened its official YouTube channel “Urban Fisherman Grrr” (https://url.kr/9qfczb)) and is ready to visit the small screen in earnest.

Following the first teaser video that heralded a powerful voyage, the second teaser video, “The Fisherman’s True Color,” a parody of the movie “The Hero’s True Color,” is released, drawing attention.

The video released on the 19th showed Lee Deok-hwa and Lee Kyung-kyu standing side by side and looking at the night view of the city. Lee Kyung-kyu, excited to leave fishing after a long time, told Lee Deok-hwa, “I don’t need other kids. I just lost my badge. “Let’s just do it on our own,” he said, making people nervous with suspicious plot plans.

At this time, Lee Tae-gon, who appeared from the dark, shows his betrayal, saying, “Are you leaving me out?” and points a gun at the two. At the moment of crisis, Lee Deok-hwa, who flew to protect Lee Kyung-kyu, was shot down, and Lee Tae-gon recited “hit” and disappeared slowly, reminiscent of Noir and raises questions.

Lee Deok-hwa, who collapsed in blood, asked Lee Kyung-kyu to call producer Jang Si-won for the last time, asking, “What is the standard of golden badge and the target fish species?” showing expectations for his origin even in a situation where his mind is getting dim. Leaving behind Lee Kyung-kyu, who finally sobbed after holding on to Lee Deok-hwa, who lost consciousness, ad-libbed the OST of the movie “Hero’s True Color,” Lee Soo-geun appears and gives laughter.

Soon after, Lee Soo-geun, who sings and dances in a fair manner, burst into laughter, making both Lee Deok-hwa and Lee Kyung-kyu look forward to not only an exciting fishing match but also the mature entertainment and chemistry of urban fishermen.

The production team of “Urban Fishermen” said about the teaser video for the drama version of “The Fisherman’s True Color,” which combines the acting of Lee Deok-hwa, Lee Kyung-kyu and Lee Tae-gon and Lee Soo-geun. “Please look forward to what other thrilling adventures the beautiful will show in fishing and thrill the small screen,” he said, drawing keen attention to the sailing story they will make.

Channel A’s entertainment show ‘Urban Fisherman 3’ will premiere on May 6 (Thursday).


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