Brave Girls “We will receive our income, soon…I want to pay off my student loan.”

[Intern reporter Shin Hyo-won, Daily Economy Star Today]

Brave Girls revealed what they wanted to do most before their first income for their album.

KBS2’s entertainment program “Problem Child in House”, which aired on the 20th, featured the group Brave Girls, a group from Shinhwa, as guests.

MC Jung Hyung-don told Brave Girls on the same day, “We are about to settle our first settlement. “What do you want to do first when you get the settlement?”

“I want to give pocket money to my parents,” Eun-ji said. “I want to raise installment savings for me. I also want to buy a big meal that I’ve never bought for my friends before.”

Yoo-jung also said, “My friends used to send money to the online community to pay tribute to coffee cars with fans. They’re not being nice now, but they’re precious friends who’ve been supporting me for a long time. I want to treat them to a treat.”

Yuna said, “It’s been so long since I had money in my bank account that I want to save money and see it. I want to see my bank account balance increased because it always ends short.”

Min-young said, “I want to flex for just one day. I couldn’t celebrate the first place with the members, so I want to have a party at a fancy restaurant. “I want to go to the department store and buy my mother a big bag,” she said, expressing her happy wish. “I haven’t even paid back my student loan yet, so I’m going to pay it back step by step.”

Meanwhile, “Problem Child in House” is a knowledge talk show about being locked up in a rooftop room where people can leave work only after solving 10 questions and struggling to solve the problem. It airs every Tuesday at 10:40 p.m.

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