“Children are fun” director “I try to draw calmly like the original emotion”

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Children are fun’ Director Lee Ji-won revealed the part he was concerned about while converting the original webtoon into a movie.

On the 21st, a premiere and press conference for the movie ‘Children are fun’ was held at Megabox COEX in Seoul. Director Lee Ji-won, actor Yoon Kyung-ho, Lee Sang-hee, Lee Kyung-hoon, Park Ye-chan, Hong Jeong-min, Park Si-wan, and Ok Ye-rin participated.

Director Lee Ji-won said, “The charm of the original work that I thought was very emotional, and I calmly portray the emotions that many people can feel in everyday life. The biggest goal of the adaptation was to draw calmly in everyday life without being exaggerated even at the stage of filmization,” he said.

“I wanted to go to Dai as the center but to show the world around Dai well because the medium of film had to be captured within two hours, so I couldn’t contain all the stories of the original work. It is a story of Dai’s growth, so I thought it would be nice if I could achieve growth by going to another space in a repetitive space at home, school, and I put an episode called travel.”

In this film, 9-year-old Dai (Lee Kyung-hoon) knows that the breakup with his mother is close, and it is a film from an omniscient children’s perspective that contains the last greetings and a trip that adults secretly leave with friends. Released on May 5.


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