‘Children are fun’ Lee Sang-hee “I lose weight and lose strength with diet”

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Children are fun’ Lee Sang-hee commented on the time-limited mother’s acting.

On the 21st, a premiere and press conference for the movie ‘Children are fun’ was held at Megabox COEX in Seoul. Director Lee Ji-won, actor Yoon Kyung-ho, Lee Sang-hee, Lee Kyung-hoon, Park Ye-chan, Hong Jeong-min, Park Si-wan, and Ok Ye-rin participated.

Lee Sang-hee, who played Dai’s mother in the play, said, “It was a role with a very clear picture in the script. But the director added that when I was with my child, I wanted to express it more comfortably and brightly, so I tried to do that.”

“I wanted to be a more spirited mother, but I guess I had dieted too hard. As I lost weight, I think I lost strength.”

In this film, 9-year-old Dai (Lee Kyung-hoon) knows that the breakup with his mother is close, and it is a film from an omniscient children’s perspective that contains the last greetings and a trip that adults secretly leave with friends. Released on May 5.


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