Kim Kang-woo, promotes a movie alone after the controversy over Seo Ye-ji

[Intern reporter Lee Ji-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Actor Kim Kang-woo has launched a solo promotion amid controversy over Seo Ye-ji, the main actor of the movie “Recalled”.

On the 21st, Kim Kang-woo will release the movie ‘Recalled’ on his Instagram. May it remain a good memory for everyone to smile. “Recalled #Released on April 21st #Kim Kang-woo.”

In the video released together, Kim Kang-woo nodded and burst into laughter when asked at the movie premiere. The following photos include photos and movie posters taken at the photo wall with director Seo Yoo-min.

Seo Ye-ji of the movie “Recalled” recently began with rumors of former lover Kim Jung-hyun’s mediation, and allegations of school violence, alleged forgery of academic records at Spanish universities, suspicion of staff overuse, and allegations of lying. Kim Jung-hyun denied the alleged manipulation and school violence, and explained the forgery of academic records, but suspicions remained. As Seo Ye-ji, who is embroiled in controversy, is absent from the movie promotion event, Kim Kang-woo is struggling and doing his best to promote the movie.

Internet users cheered Kim Kang-woo.

Internet users say, “I love the reviews. I’m looking forward to it! “I watched a movie for the first time today”. Kang-woo’s acting was so good! The acting is the best.” “How hard did you work to give everyone good memories?” The fact that I can see the actor’s performance on the screen alone is overwhelming and grateful as a fan, and “Actor Kim Kang-woo’s sincere acting fascinates everyone and touches everyone.”

According to the Korea Film Council’s integrated ticket network on the 20th, “Recalled” was released on the 21st with a real-time reservation rate of 36.6% despite controversy over calligraphy. It is a mystery thriller in which Su-jin (Seo Ye-ji), who lost her memory and began to see the future, faces the shocking reality of her husband Ji-hoon (Kim Kang-woo).

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