‘Navillera’ Park In-hwan, Alzheimer’s passion for unstoppable ballet

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

tvN’s “Navillera” Park In-hwan’s passionate sincerity toward ballet, which is undaunted by worsening Alzheimer’s disease, made Song Kang cry. As a result, enthusiastic support poured out to the “Valet Priest Duo,” which is preparing to take off together.

On the 10th episode of tvN’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Navillera” (directed/written by Lee Eun-mi/produced by Studio Dragon, The Great Show), which aired on the 20th, depicts Deok-chul (Park In-hwan), who tries not to forget ballet despite worsening Alzheimer’s symptoms, touching the small screen.

Deok-chul was greatly embarrassed by the fact that Chae-rok and Sung-kwan (played by Cho Bok-rae) knew about his illness, and he almost got into an accident while walking frantically, making Chae-rok nervous.
Chae-rok, who headed to Deok-chul’s house with Deok-chul, was afraid of Deok-chul, who was already in danger several times when he saw Hae-nam (Na Moon-hee) in poor physical condition. In the end, Chae-rok encouraged Deok-chul to quit ballet in the hope that Deok-chul would spend the rest of his life safely with Hae-nam, but he cried. Chae-rok, who turned away from Deok-chul, swallowed his tears by repeating himself, “Good job, good job.”

Since then, Deok-chul has practiced ballet alone in the park every day, hiding the fact that Hae-nam (played by Na Moon-hee) and Sung-kwan will no longer be able to leave the ballet studio. Although he could not go to the ballet studio, he continued his commitment to ballet without skipping a single day of practice. “I can do it,” Chae-rok said. “I can do it. I can’t control myself because I can’t stop crying.

Meanwhile, Hae-nam told Sung-kwan that he would live with him even after the documentary shoot, “Sung-kwan, don’t try too hard. I can take responsibility for one of your fathers,” revealing the shocking fact that she knew Alzheimer’s. Hae-nam was also listening to this story when Chae-rok informed Sung-gwan of Deok-chul’s disease. In response, Haenam once again showed his solid mother’s side by encouraging Deok-chul, saying, “Let’s wait until Deok-chul reveals it to Sung-kwan, who cries,” and brought a tear bomb to the small screen.

Meanwhile, Deok-chul and Ho-beom (played by Kim Kwon) continued their special relationship. Earlier, Ho-beom ran into Moo-young (played by Cho Sung-ha), who was so resentful, and he told Ho-beom, “It’s not too late. You can start over. “You were talented,” he said, apologizing for all the past. Deok-chul then met Ho-beom in the park, who started exercising again with a firm mind, and told Ho-beom, “I knew it wouldn’t last until the end. You remember what I said? “You can fly up too,” he said with sincere support. Ho-beom, who was wandering at the thought of losing his dream, began to flap his wings to fly, followed by cheers from viewers who were waiting for him.

Meanwhile, the scene of the eldest son Seong-san (played by Jung Hae-kyun) collapsing with sadness after learning of Deok-chul’s illness made viewers tear up. Deok-chul was preparing for the end by visiting a nursing hospital alone, putting his name on the waiting list for admission, and visiting the grave of his friend Gyoseok (Lee Young-seok). Worried about Deok-chul who didn’t show up in the process, he went out to find Deok-chul, Hae-nam, and Sung-kwan. Sung-kwan called Seong-san and said, “My father is a little sick.” “My father has Alzheimer’s,” he confessed, shocking Seong-san. Thanks to Chae-rok’s location tracker application, Seong-san immediately ran to Deok-chul, saying, “No matter how old my father is, he is a big mountain to me. Don’t ever forget that,” he sobbed.

At the end of the broadcast, Deok-chul encountered Chae-rok on his way home with Sung-san, and performed ballet moves that he had practiced countless times for auditions in front of Chae-rok. Seong-san, who first saw his father doing ballet, shed tears. Deok-chul, who performed a ballet with tears in the snow, said, “Chaerok, I’m scared, too. But I practiced every day. “I didn’t take a day off to remember what you said, not this stupid head.”
Chae-rok shed tears at the sincere heart of her desire not to forget ballet despite suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, and said, “Just do it. “Let’s just do it, ballet,” he said. “I started to walk on the ballet path with Deok-chul once again, showing a growing priesthood.

Immediately after the 10th episode of ‘Navillera’, online communities and social media said, “Park In-hwan’s ballet scene was more beautiful than any other performance.” “I feel that Chae-rok has matured a lot since he met Deok-chul.” “Fighting, the ballet priest duo! “I hope we can fly together,” “I cried a lot because the ending scene felt like Chae-rok’s answer to the street ballet,” “The eldest son, the youngest son, the drama that all the characters understand,” and “I think it’s not too late today.”

Meanwhile, the 10th episode of “Navilera” averaged 2.8 percent, up to 3.8 percent based on metropolitan areas, 2.9 percent and up to 3.6 percent based on national standards in terms of audience ratings of paid platforms integrating cables, IPTVs, and satellites. In addition, tvN’s target audience rating of 2049 men and women continued to be enthusiastic, averaging 1.4% based on the metropolitan area, 1.6%, and 1.9%, ranking first in the same time slot, including cable and television. (Provided by Nielsen Korea)

tvN’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Navillera” is a record of the youth of a priest duo who began ballet at age 70 and the growth of ballerino “Chae-rok,” who wanders in front of his 23-year-old dream. It airs every Monday and Tuesday at 9 p.m.



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