Seo Ye-ji X Kim Kang-woo’s ‘Recalled’ released… Will it be a box office

[Reporter Han Hyeon-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

“Recalled”, starring Seo Ye-ji and Kim Kang-woo, will be released today (21st).

The movie “Recalled” (director Seo Yoo-min) is a mystery thriller in which Su-jin (played by Seo Ye-ji), who lost her memory and began to see the future, faces the shocking reality of her husband Ji-hoon (played by Kim Kang-woo).

“Recalled” provides tension through the fear and distrust that comes from facing another face of a person close to Su-jin, and the confused feelings that neighbors feel as they see a dangerous future. Led by Kim Kang-woo and Seo Ye-ji, luxury supporting actors such as Yeom Hye-ran, Bae Yoo-ram and Kim Kang-hoon joined.

According to the Korea Film Council’s integrated ticket network on the 20th, the movie recorded a real-time reservation rate of 36.6% and topped the box office list such as “Seobok” and “The Blade of Destruction: Infinite Train.” The number of tickets for “Memories of Tomorrow” is 33,012.

The movie is the first thriller directed by Seo Yoo-min, a “drama powerhouse,” and its strength is its story line, which continues with tension until the beginning and middle of the movie. Audiences become suspicious and wary of Ji-hoon by following Su-jin’s emotional line, but the increasingly serious abnormal behavior of Su-jin makes Su-jin look back at her with an objective perspective. Su-jin’s lost memory and Ji-hoon’s real identity. Unrevealed truths lead to tragedy.

“The mystery thriller portrayed by director Seo Yoo-min, who has built up his experience slowly through various genres, is special in that it brings out the fear and fear that everyone has and gives extreme suspense,” said the “Recalled”. The price for people aged 15 and over. Running time is 99 minutes.

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