Choi Sung-eun’s pictorial “‘monster’ trying to carefully approach the pain and pain of the missing family”

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

A pictorial featuring actor Choi Sung-eun’s shrewd charm has been released.

Choi Sung-eun showed off a mysterious atmosphere through her fashion pictorial and gave off a different charm. In the pictorial released in the May issue of “Esquire,” Choi Sung-eun not only caught the eye in a dreamy mood, but also expressed her unique clear sensibility based on her sophisticated and classic color. Especially, it shows unique digestion with a 180-degree image transformation from the previous drama ‘The Host’.

Choi Sung-eun, who made her debut with the movie “Starting” (director Choi Jung-yeol) in 2019 and finished her first TV debut with the recently ended drama “The Host” (written by Kim Soo-jin, directed by Shim Na-yeon). He drew viewers’ attention with fresh masks and clean images, and showed infinite possibilities inside with stable acting skills and detailed expression, making them look forward to his future moves.

As for her efforts to digest Yoo Jae-yi, she said, “What I paid most attention to when I approached this character was the experience of my mother’s disappearance.” It’s actually an unimaginable big event. I thought a lot about how I could understand even a little bit. So I tried to find many documentaries or videos about the disappearance. The pain and pain I thought was nothing. “I think I put a lot of effort into how to approach that well and carefully.”

Asked if there was any pressure to act among the seniors, she said, “I don’t think there was much pressure. The seniors did a great job. And in “The Host,” there are a lot of actors who are active on the stage, and he was my school teacher. So there was kind of a bond I had on my own. “I didn’t feel overwhelmed or anything like that, and I think I took it with the idea of how to create good synergy and how to get better what I was given.”

Lastly, Choi Sung-eun said, “It was fun to act, but now I think I’m taking a step further. Acting, working, and meeting characters should be a process of moving forward, but I feel there are still more frustrating situations. “When I try to see the problems and fix them, I think it’s because of something about me, and it’s also fun to learn about myself,” she said.

Choi Sung-eun, who quickly grew up to be the main actor with the Netflix original series “Annara Sumanara” (directed by Kim Sung-yoon, written by Kim Min-jung) following the movie “Starting” and the drama “The Host. Expectations are high for her performance as a big rookie who takes an unrivaled step.

More interviews and pictorials of Choi Sung-eun can be found in the May issue of ‘Equire’.


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