‘How Do You Play’ SG Wannabe’s Kim Yong-joon is gaining popularity

Yongjun Kim. Provided|Double H&T

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Group SG Wannabe has been backtracking on the charts day after day, and interest in leader Kim Yong-joon is also heating up.

What does Kim Yong-joon do when he plays on MBC’s ‘How Do You Play’? When he appeared on the show with SG Wannabe members and presented a medley of hit songs. In SG Wannabe’s mega hit medley, which led to “Timeless,” “La Lara,” “My Person,” and “Living,” Kim Yong-joon delighted viewers’ eyes and ears by revealing his presence with his beautiful beauty, a tray mark.

Shortly after the broadcast, SG Wannabe’s representative songs topped the real-time music charts on major music sites, recording the first reverse-running myth in more than a decade.

In particular, the response to Kim Yong-joon’s beauty, which has not changed even after a long time, is hot.

After the broadcast, various communities responded to the rediscovery of Kim Yong-joon. Netizens praised Kim Yong-joon’s beauty, saying, “I didn’t know it before, but watching this broadcast, Kim Yong-joon’s beauty is very impressive.”

Kim Yong-joon recently signed an exclusive contract with Double HTNE and heralded a new leap forward. Double HTN is a new agency founded by CEO Lee Hoon-seok, who served as a management director at Woollim Entertainment, and CEO Lee Hoon-seok and Kim Yong-joon are known to have a special relationship that boasts a 10-year friendship.


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