Lee Jong-hyuk and Hong Soo-hyun, confirmed to appear in ‘Police Class’ [Official]

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Actors Lee Jong-hyuk and Hong Soo-hyun have confirmed their appearance in “Police Class,” inspiring expectations.

KBS2’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Police Class” (directed by Yoo Gwan-mo, screenwriter Min-jung, and production logo film) is a story of a hacker-turned-criminal student who solves everything with his smart head.

Lee Jong-hyuk plays Kwon Hyuk-pil, a law professor at the National Police University. He is an “orthodox elite” with a cold tone and blunt personality, and is expected to add weight to the play with his sharp charisma.
As he showed perfect character digestion through his previous works such as “Fly Dragon”, “Good Casting,” and “Spring Is Coming,” great attention is being paid to his transformation.

Hong plays Choi Hee-soo, a professor of judo at the National Police University. Hong Soo-hyun, who has created colorful characters through dramas such as “Cheating on You,” “The Rich Son,” and “Mad Dog,” will express Choi Hee-soo, a bright, cheerful, but deep-seated character, in his own color.

Actors Lee Jong-hyuk (played the role of Kwon Hyuk-pil) and Hong Soo-hyun (played the role of Choi Hee-soo), who boast various charms, are intrigued by prospective viewers to see what kind of characters they will show, Cha Tae-hyun (played the role of Yoo Dong-man), Jin-young (played the role of Kang Sun-ho), and Jung Soo-jung (played the role of Oh Kang-hee).

“Police Class” is set at the National Police University, which has been veiled for a long time, and depicts the close clash and harmony between Professor Dokgodai of the “actionist” and the “brain-wave” student. Exciting stories, a feast of colorful characters, and a fiery chemistry between the characters are raising expectations.

The “Police Class,” which is drawing attention with the joining of a large number of brilliant actors such as Cha Tae-hyun, Jinyoung, Jung Soo-jung, Lee Jong-hyuk and Hong Soo-hyun, is scheduled to air in July.


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