Mamamoo Wheein pictorial “I want to be a gentle and calm but strong artist”

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

MAMAMOO Wheein’s pictorial has been released.

Lifestyle magazine “Singles” released its first solo album “Redd” since its debut on the 13th and released a shocking pictorial of Mamamoo Wheein, who ranked No. 1 on various music charts, including Bugs and Melon, by presenting the title song “Water room” featuring rhythmic tones.

Whee-in, who has been eye-catching since she entered the studio with an unrivaled aura, showed off her strange charm by staring at the camera with intense and mysterious eyes at the beginning of the shooting. The energetic and energetic image you’ve always shown on stage.

She has joined the ranks of pictorial masters who show off 180-degree unexpected charms and pull off any concept without awkwardness.
In particular, Whee In, who is on a diet to show off her better appearance, showed off her perfect body line by challenging herself to take off her bold top, and was rumored to have been flooded with questions about “what’s the secret?” throughout the shoot.

Wheein, who named the album “Red” because she wanted to erase her pretentious appearance and show her honest appearance, could not hide her affection for her first solo album throughout the interview. “The album ‘Red’ is an album that personifies me. I focused on melting myself down. “I pressed my color hard,” she said, signaling a music with Wheein’s own color.

In particular, “Redd” was chosen as the name of the album to show the public the truth. The focus was on differentiating and capturing sincerity without discomfort. “Since ballad songs have received good responses so far, I have tried to transform my image but meet expectations,” she said, expressing her passion as an artist who always wants to show a new side.

Wheein, who has loved dancing and singing since elementary school, is the last member of Mamamoo to stand alone. “It was a little late, but thanks to her, I could have more time to prepare what I wanted to show,” she said, shaking her head, calling it a lie if she had no impatience at all. “I want to show you that I am an artist who can digest a wider spectrum in the future.” “There was also a vague belief that I could become a singer. I want to be a singer who sings songs that I want to see and listen to for a long time.
“I want to be an artist who is soft and calm but strong.”

Mamamoo Wheein’s first solo album “Red,” which has been drawing attention since the teaser was released with an eye-catching and unique concept, has topped major domestic music charts and iTunes charts around the world, solidifying her position as a trusted singer. Having presented a full stage by herself through the title song “Water color,” which features Wheein’s unique attractive vocal, she will continue her career as a versatile solo artist.

Mamamoo Wheein’s sensuous visual pictorial can be found in the May issue of “Singles” and on the “Singles” website.


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