‘Rough Yard’ Park Myung-soo x Lee Geum-hee x Lee Mal-nyeon, a messy debate unfolds

[Intern reporter Shin Hyo-won, Daily Economy Star Today]

Park Myung-soo, Lee Geum-hee and Lee Mal-nyeon’s chaotic discussion “Rough Yard” will be unveiled for the first time on May 10.

Kakao Entertainment said on the 22nd, “We will plan and produce Kakao TV’s original Rough Madang, which will feature a new concept of a mess of “professional talkers” such as Park Myung-soo, Lee Geum-hee and Lee Mal-nyeon.”

Rough Madang is a new concept discussion entertainment where Park Myung-soo, Lee Geum-hee and Lee Mal-nyeon hold weekly chaotic discussions, such as “How to escape from the pushover,” “What should be lost in the post-corona dining culture?” and “Is it possible to have friends between men and women?” Producer Moon Sang-don, who stimulated emotions but delivered trendy and sophisticated laughter through MBC Everyone’s “Welcome to Korea” and Kakao TV’s “Night Walking Night,” directed the film.

In the Rough Yard, it delivers fun by holding a full of laughter and a chaotic discussion centered on “common” topics and situations that have been experienced or encountered in everyday life. Anyone may have thought about it at least once, but the endless discussion of three people, Park Myung-soo, Lee Geum-hee, and Lee Mal-nyeon, foreshadows a laugh bomb. In the Republic of Korea, people who will be second to “words” will hold discussions, connecting with viewers through SNS live on the spot during the recording, receiving real and vivid opinions, and doubling the fun.

In addition to the real chemistry that the three will communicate with viewers, the witty opinions and reactions of viewers who don’t know where to go will be conveyed realistically through SNS, conveying more lively laughter and fun. In particular, the three unimaginable people, Park Myung-soo, who specializes in shouting jokes, Lee Geum-hee, the calm host, and Lee Mal-nyeon, who is ingenious and eccentric, are expected to gather together and give off some fun.

Park Myung-soo, a “giant” in the gag world who has given laughter and sympathy to many viewers with his unexpected logical appearance and conviction, aims to transform himself into a “professional debater” by showing off his long-established talk through broadcast and radio DJs.

On top of that, Lee Geum-hee, a 33-year-old veteran announcer, will make her first regular appearance on entertainment shows through “Rough Yard.” Announcer Lee Geum-hee, who has shown an elegant and refined image long enough to be called a “national announcer,” not only reveals her friendly and wrong side through this entertainment challenge, but also shows a new style of fun without hesitation.

In addition, “Calm Man,” a webtoon writer and broadcaster called an idol in the digital broadcasting industry, secured a solid fandom through YouTube and Twitch broadcasting, joins Mal-nyeon to create chemistry that he has never seen before, delivering a relentless smile.

The three gathered in one place ahead of the full-fledged shooting not only showed sharp disagreement over the topic of discussion thrown by the production team from the pre-interview, but also made the scene a sea of laughter in different ways, the production team hinted.

Producer Moon Sang-don of Kakao Entertainment said, “It will be a fun viewing point to see how Park Myung-soo, Lee Geum-hee, and Lee Mal-nyeon, who have been professional talkers in their respective fields for a long time, are making new characters.”

“Rough Yard” will be unveiled for the first time on Kakao TV at 6 p.m. on May 10.


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