YB performance cancellation “Organizer, conditional contract unilateral notification”

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[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Band YB’s online performance has been canceled.

YB said on its official fan cafe on the 21st that “YB’s exclusive online performance, which was scheduled for May 9, was finally canceled.”

“As it was our first online performance, we started practicing early, as well as preparing meetings and field trips with numerous staff members, including new profile shots, promotional spot videos and posters, and stage production,” YB said in January.

YB explained the reason for the cancellation, saying, “We received unilateral notification of the conditional contract from the organizers when the concert was just around the corner. If we don’t accept the conditional contract, we asked them to sign the existing contract at a level that is not common sense understandable.”

“We found an agreement with the organizer and tried to adjust the contents of the contract, but the organizers notified us of the unilateral cancellation of the concert,” YB said. “The online concert was virtually impossible to proceed due to the organizers’ response.”


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