A netizen who revealed the school violence of (G)I-dle Sujin accused of some people for malicious comments

(Female) Children Sujin. Photo|Star Today DB

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

A, who exposed Su-jin’s school violence, sued haters.

On the 22nd, a media outlet reported that A filed a complaint against some haters at Seocho Police Station in Seoul on the 21st.

A claimed that his younger brother, B, suffered school violence from Su-jin when he was a student. In response, some of Su-jin’s fans reportedly posted a number of malicious comments and slanders against A and decided to sue him for the continued second round of abuse.

A also posted malicious comments on social media.

“We will secure additional witnesses and testimonies and submit them to the investigative agency,” A’s law firm said. “We hope the investigative agency will reveal the truth of school violence based on a thorough investigation.”

Su-jin was embroiled in allegations of school violence in March that she assaulted her classmates in middle school. In response, Cube Entertainment sued A for defamation, saying, “It was a simple fight, not a school violence.”
Su-jin complained of unfairness, claiming innocence through a lengthy article. Su-jin was also suspected of assaulting actress Seo Shin-ae, a middle school classmate.

Su-jin and her agency denied allegations of school violence, but Su-jin has temporarily suspended her activities. (G)I-DLE’s new song, which is scheduled to be released, will also be re-recorded in a five-member system except Su-jin.

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