[Exclusive] Cho Young-nam, attending court again on suspicion of fraud… Extending the controversy over painting masterpieces?

Youngnam Cho. Photo|Star Today DB

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer and painter Cho Young-nam (76) has been in court again on charges of fraud.

Cho Young-nam attended an appeal hearing for fraud charges at the Seoul Central District Court on the morning of the 23rd. The trial resumed in 2019 after the indictment was delayed for two years. Cho Young-nam, who has been on trial for a long time on suspicion of masterpiece painting (fraud), appeared at the trial on another indictment 10 months after being finally acquitted by the Supreme Court.

Cho Young-nam was caught in a “masterpiece controversy” in 2016 when he was indicted in 2016 on charges of having an unknown artist Song paint a total of 200 to 300 paintings, and selling them under his name at an expensive price.

The first trial court sentenced Cho Young-nam to 10 months in prison and two years of probation, saying that he should regard his assistant as an independent artist, not an assistant. However, Cho Young-nam appealed against the ruling and the second trial court acquitted him of insufficient evidence.

The prosecution appealed against him, but the Supreme Court finally acquitted Cho Young-nam in June last year.

At that time, the background of the Supreme Court’s ruling was that the prosecution’s appeal was contrary to the “principle of injustice.” Under the Criminal Procedure Act, which is unfair and unfair, the court can only hear and judge the facts requested by the plaintiff. The court considered that “the prosecutor indicted Cho Young-nam for fraud and did not indict him for violating copyright laws,” and maintained the original ruling that “it is not an expectation unless the author is embroiled in a counterfeit copyright dispute.”

Cho Young-nam, who had suspended his official activities after the controversy over the masterpiece, cleared himself of fraud and resumed his activities, including holding individual exhibitions and appearing on various broadcasts for the first time in more than five years.


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