Kang Won-Rae and his son look alike

[Intern reporter Shin Hyo-won on Daily Economy Star Today]

Kang Won-rae, a member of Clone, shared her daily life with his son.

On the 23rd, Kang Won-rae posted a hashtag of “#Clone #Replicator #Kang Won-rae #Kang Seon #Kung-Tari Shabara” and several photos on his Instagram.

In the released photos, Kang Won-rae is having a good time with his son Kang Seon. The two are proud of the same features and facial expressions, and the visuals of the two as if they were photographed catch the eye.

Singer and wife Kim Song, who saw this, commented, saying, “Oh, pretty, my little ones”, showing affection for the two men.

Netizens responded with surprise, such as “You two look alike” and “It’s a real clone.”

Kang Won-rae married singer Kim Song in 2001 and has one son. Recently, as the COVID-19 has been prolonged, and the couple shut down their bar in Itaewon, Seoul was closed.


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