Lee Sol said, “It’s been over a month since I heard ‘I love you’ from Park Seong-gwang”

[Intern reporter Lee Ji-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Comedian Park Seong-gwang’s wife, Lee Sol, said she wants to hear “I love you”.

On the 22nd, Lee Sol suddenly thought on her Instagram that it had been more than a month since she heard “I love you” from her husband. “I thought maybe that’s how I felt when I was in a relationship. Is this the privilege of marriage?”

“Making coffee on the way to work, bringing the chopsticks you spilled while eating, and confiding your daily routine to the point where it is annoying after returning home.” Lying down and asking for my opinion because of personal concerns and begging me to do what I want to do together. “Asking if the clothes I’m wearing today are pretty, and if I’m not specific, I sometimes get sulky.”

“I’ve heard love from everything. But sometimes I want to hear it in my voice 🙂 I love you!” she added.

After seeing this, Park Seong-gwang left a comment saying, “I love you ♥ Sol.” In response, Lee Sol said, “No way. I’ll listen to it on voice. “I’m always waiting for you today~~” she said in a cute way, drawing attention.

Like the wedding pictorial in the photo released together, the couple’s appearance, which is still in a sweet marriage, evoked the envy of many Internet users.

Internet users who saw it said, “It’s good to talk, but it’s also the best to feel in action! Comments such as, “You’re 100 times cooler than people who only talk!”, “Don’t be fooled by familiarity and forget the preciousness,” and “I don’t get tired of hearing “I love you” often, so I have to say “I love you often.”

Lee Sol and Park Seong-gwang married in August last year. The two appeared on SBS entertainment show “Same Bed, Different Dream 2-You Are My Destiny” and revealed their daily lives full of love.


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