‘Comeback’ AB6IX “I’m sorry for the COVID-19…I will show you the upgraded skills”

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[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Boy band AB6IX will return with its fourth EP ‘MO’ COMPLETE: HIVE A DREAM on the 26th.

AB6IX will release its fourth EP, ‘MO’ COMPLETE: HAVE A DREAM, online and offline at 6 p.m. that day. It is the first comeback in about three months since the last album ‘SALUTE: A NEW HOPE’.

This album is the first in a two-part series following the debut album ‘B:COMPLETE’, which was released in May 2019.

If the previous work “B:COMPLETE” was an album that established and completed AB6IX’s identity, this album captured AB6IX’s new dreams and leaps that dream of perfection beyond completion.

The album, which consists of a total of five songs, is full of colorful and sophisticated tracks to prove their growth, including hip-hop, deep house, punk pop and pop rock. Team’s main producer Lee Dae-hwi produced as many as three of the songs in the album, and Park Woo-jin actively participated in rap making throughout the album.

The title track “CLOSE” is a song produced by hit production team Coach & Sendo, with lyrics containing faith and commitment beyond time and space giving listeners strong confidence and hope.

<Next is AB6IX members’ one question and one answer>

1. This album ‘MO’ COMPLETE: HAVE A DREAM’ is the first in a two-part series following their debut album ‘B:COMPLETE’. Compared to when you debuted and now, what do you think has changed and how much have you grown?

Woong: I think we’ve improved a lot in terms of music, but we’ve challenged various genres by releasing several albums, so AB6IX’s musical color seems to have become more intense.

Dong-hyun: I think the musical part and the attitude of mind toward music have grown a lot. I talk a lot with the members for more trendy and good music, and I’m researching and studying in my own way.

Woojin: I think we’ve grown a lot since our debut, both music and performance. I’m always working hard to reach my desired goal and grow, and I want to show better performance to the public.

Dae-hwi: I think the love and passion for music is growing day by day. I don’t think it’s perfect yet, so I’m trying hard to grow up to be better.

2. What part of the album did you put your heart and soul into?

Woong: I think I practiced my vocal skills really hard for the title song ‘CLOSE’. Since this song is a deep house track, I tried to sing it more sophisticatedly.

Dong-hyun: I think we practiced a lot with the members to show better performances to our fans. I wanted to repay your love with a great performance.

Woo-jin: I’m always trying in every way, and I’ve put a lot of effort into showing AB6IX’s upgraded musicality and performance to the public.

Dae-hwi: I thought a lot about how to express and show the songs in the album to the public. We prepared hard to show you good quality results in both concept and performance.

3. Any memorable episodes while working on the album?

Woong: There was a swamp in the music video filming site for ‘CLOSE’, and I remember running hard in the swamp. It was a bit hard, but I’m satisfied that the scene came out pretty in the music video.

Dong-hyun: I remember working on a song called ‘LULALA’. The song itself was fun and exciting, so I was able to assimilate into the atmosphere of the song when I recorded it. It was really fun and fun.

Woo-jin: There were a lot of scenes when we shot the music video for ‘CLOSE’, so it’s memorable. I hope you watch us running hard in the music video.

Dae-hwi: There was an underwater scene during the music video shoot for the title track “CLOSE,” and I remember being nervous because I had to open my eyes in the water. I wasn’t used to waking up in the water, and I couldn’t sleep well the day before the shooting because I was nervous. It was a difficult shoot, but I’m proud that the result came out well.

4. The album is called ‘HAVE A DREAM’. What’s your dream as a group or individual?

Woong: I want to play AB6IX’s songs to more people and show AB6IX’s unique charm, which is different from other groups.

Dong-hyun: I want to become a group that is recognized by the public by promoting AB6IX more.

Woo-jin: When I look back later, it’s my dream to live a life without regrets.

Dae-hwi: Personally, I want to grow up as an artist and be recognized by the public musically, and as a group, I want to promote AB6IX’s music more widely and be recognized by more people.

5. We filled the album with various genres such as hip-hop, deep house, punk pop, pop rock, etc. What song do you recommend from this album and why?

Woong: I’d like to recommend track 4, ‘MERRY-GO-ROUND’, and you can feel the soft emotions with a hopeful message that you’ll meet someday after spinning like a merry-go-round.

Dong-hyun: I’d like to recommend Dae-hwi’s song ‘LULALA’. Just listening to the song makes me excited. It’s a song that makes me hum. I hope you listen to it.

Woo-jin: I recommend ‘ALONG WINTER’. It fits my emotions the best, and I was able to empathize well, so it was easy to write lyrics.

Dae-hwi: The song I want to recommend is track 3 ‘LULALA’, and I think it’s the best song for this time. It’s a song that makes me want to have a good time with my fans as soon as possible. It’s about getting out of my boring daily life and enjoying my day. I hope many people enjoy this song.

6. Lastly, please say something to the fans.

Woong: A lot of people around the world are having a hard time with Covid-19. I hope you can cheer up and be happy after listening to AB6IX’s songs. We will do our best to repay your support. Please look forward to this promotion as well.

Dong-hyun: This is our 4th EP ‘MO’ COMPLETE: HAVE A DREAM’. Please give us lots of support and love. Thank you and love you. ABNEW!

Woo-jin: Thank you so much ABNEW for always waiting and supporting us. I’ll always try to repay you! Thank you and I love you.

Dae-hwi: ABNEW! I think it’s been too long since we met face to face. It’s hard to meet you in person right now, but please take care of your health until we meet again, and please show a lot of interest in this album! Thank you always and I love you.


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