‘Miracle’ Park Jung-min “Congratulatory message to Youn Yuh-jung… A great gift to the Korean people”

[Reporter Han Hyeon-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

Park Jung-min expressed his overwhelming emotion and respect for Youn Yuh-jung’s Oscar award.

Park Jung-min congratulated Youn Yuh-jung, who won the Academy Awards Best Supporting Actor Award for the movie ‘Minari’ this morning at the production report of the movie ‘Miracle’ (Director Lee Jang-Hoon) held online on the 26th.

Park Jung-min, who matched with Youn Yuh-jung and mother-to-child breath in the previous work ‘It’s Only My World’, said, “I sent a text message as soon as I heard the news of the award. I can’t say anything but congratulations. I was so overwhelmed.”

“I think that Youn Yuh-jung gave a great gift to the Korean people in a difficult time. My juniors remember this moment and I think they should work harder in the future.” Lee Seong-min also said, “I’ve once worked with her. She played the role of my friend’s mother in the drama. I said, ‘Congratulations. I will do my best like you.'” he added.

On the other hand, the movie ‘Miracle’ tells the story of ‘Jun-kyung’ (played by Park Jung-min) and the local people, whose only life goal is to have a simple station in a town without a train station, although the only way to go to and from it is a train track.

Director Lee Jang-hoon, who captivated the audience with a warm and sensuous direction through ‘Be With You’, is a new work released in 3 years. It is the first privately held station established in 1988, and the smallest simple station in the world.


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