ONEUS concept photo released…Felt hat → Hologram code

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Group ONEUS showed off his concept craftsmanship.

ONEUS presented a group concept photo of the fifth mini-album ‘BINARY CODE’ on the official SNS at 00:00 on the 26th.

ONEUS, which released two concept photos, first drew attention by boasting a gorgeous charm with a design jacket and silver sequin detail points that make use of each member’s personality. In particular, the gentlemen’s symbol, a fedora, was held in their hands, raising expectations by producing various interpretations and speculation about the concept of the new album.

On the contrary, in another concept photo released along with it, enamel hologram fabric foreshadows a bright and casual feeling along with the point of styling.

As such, ONEUS released two concept photos with completely different charms, and through the new album ‘Concept King’ through the new album, like the different meanings of the two numbers in the binary code meaning ‘BINARY CODE’ Earth’s growth momentum is expected to be laid.

One Earth announced a comeback in 4 months after the first full album ‘DEVIL’ released in January, and announced that it will return to a more friendly and popular appearance with a new concept.

In particular, as each album broke its own record and proved its global growth, it is paying attention to whether it will be possible to achieve another career high through this comeback.

Meanwhile, One Earth’s fifth mini album ‘BINARY CODE’ will be released on May 11th at 6pm.

One Earth. Photo lRBW

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